Rotating Room Tags

hi guys, i’m trying to rotate room tags via dynamo to align the building walls.

  1. tag orientation set to MODEL
  2. i have added the following nodes to dynamo, and can see the family instances but they are not rotating.

what am i missing?

maybe this?

that was my first attempt but results in a type mismatch:slight_smile:room%20tag%20error

i think you cant rotate this Tags with degrees, it is just horizontal or vertical

maybe @khuzaimah.ElecEng is right, can’t test.
give Element.SetRotation a whirl

with revit 2019, when the Tag Orientation is set to MODEL, i can manually rotate it to any angle i want. i just dont want to manually do it :slight_smile:)

Using Element.SetParameterByName with ‘Orientation’ as the Parameter name and 0 or 1 as the value (0 being horizontal, 1 being vertical) works if the input is the specific tag elements. I do not know, however, if your method using family instances would have the same solution.

@flyboy70 did you found the solution to this…I am currently stuck with a similar problem

is there such a node…at least I can’t find it

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@Marcel_Rijsmus thanks for the reply…I guess I have an older package version

and it did solve the problem

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