Wall Start & End to PointsByCoordinates

I’m trying to get the X,Y,Z points of the start and End of a Wall then create Points.ByCoordinates based of those locations.
(Background: I’m getting the wall length, adding a slider for Pile spacing, and inserting Family Instance at each of these points equally spaced)
This should be straight forward but I’m getting an error.

Working in Revit 2016



Hi Matt,

You’ll need to use “Curve.Start/EndPoint” on the wall curve before you can extract the XYZs

That worked perfect thanks, but I think I’m going down the wrong path for this.

I’m able to draw a horizontal x axis aligned wall and have the foundations equally spaced as I adjust the wall length, start & end points.
My next problem is when the wall is vertical Y axis aligned or off angle. I started going down the path of Trig, but I’m thinking there must be an easier way sense we have the curve line of the wall?


Node below.