Get XYZ coordinates in Revit of start and end points of steel memebers

I am trying to figure out hot to find the start and end points of a beam or column. I tried to use Dynamo, but can’t figure out how to use that effectively. Does anyone know how I can get the coordinates into a schedule?

What have you tried so far? Can you post a screenshot of your graph?

This was my first time trying out Dynamo and I was more just trying out from videos and pictures. Still confused on how to use it.

These are the coordinates I am trying to get.

Check out the Dynamo Primer. It walks through all the basics and has examples for most things. Getting parameter values is a pretty common workflow so you should be able to find tons of examples on the forum and primer.

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How do I get this information into a schedule in Revit?

What exactly are you trying to do? You can schedule any parameter just like normal in Revit. Are you wanting to pull the start and end point data from the curves and push those values to your parameters first? Again, I would suggest doing a little more research with the Primer and other topics on the forum first. This can be done with just a few basic nodes (start with SetParameterValue and StartPoint/EndPoint).

Ya I want to get the end points of each beam into a schedule and locate them from the Project Base Point.

Not sure what I am doing wrong?

Great start. The geometry you get from framing members is a Curve. You need to get the StartPoint and EndPoint of the Curve before you can get the coordinates of those points.

That will go right after the Geometry.Transform?