Wall Slope Not match to Segment wall slope


Wall segment is not parallel to slope of wall, it’s create a rectangle shape not a slanted wall as first wall.

How can i fix this issue???

you have to create walls with the node wall.ByFace

i can’t understand how to create dynamo surfaces.

probably you can not use the wall.by face node. because the node needs a revit surface and not a dynamo surface.
i forgot about this limitation

input in Select Face is a Face of a Revit mass

Any others methods solve to my problem.

can i use this line to make curve for node Wall.ByCurveandHeight.??

can edit profile of wall in dynamo???

yes it is possible

with al lot of Thanks too Konrad Sobon

Create Wall_ByProfile.dyn (13.4 KB)

the Python code is made by Konrad see also this topic:

In the python code is the input of Wall Types not working:

This is a fast workaround:

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Thanks Nico :+1::+1::clap::clap:

but i have new problem after using this node.

Walls.DisallowjoinAtEnd node place after create a walls, but Plan View and Elevation View is not showing Disallow join at both end. (See image)

Please give me a Suggestion.

Thanks in Advanced

Can you send the .dyn file?

I have attached Revit & Dynamo file.

Wall Split -01.dyn (76.5 KB)
Wall Split 01.rvt (3.0 MB)

in my case it is showing Disallow join at both end in plan view
And in elevation view Revit never shows the join symbols

I see that youre gap is not working. If that is the problem I suggest start a new topic. (i don’t have a lot of time today to help)