Create wall - non rectangular shape

Would anyone know if there is any way to create a wall with a similar shape to the attached one’s?
I’ve tried a lot of methods but everything unsuccessful;
any other alternative?

A lot of thanks

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first create the shape in a mass family, then use wall by face using the mass


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Hi @m.rijsmus
Thank you very much for your reply.
Apologies but I am not very advanced in Dynamo (as you will see), could you please give me a additional guidance? by firstly create the shape in a mass family, you mean in Revit or how?


in revit, as conceptual mass or mass in place, where conceptual mass is preferred

Will it work with the parametric inputs that I’ve already set in Dynamo? (as I need a parametric model as result)

if you start dynamo within the family environment, yes
conceptual mass family that is

The Wombat package has a pretty neat node for making walls by profile.


Thanks a lot! It worked immediately :slight_smile:

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Hi @john_pierson,
Any idea why the node does not work in the attached case?
A lot of thanks


Going to bet wall b profile doesn’t like that curve. Its not my node, so I can’t really say why.

Hello Coy,

Unless mistaken, I don’t believe you can use Edit Profile on a curved wall and as such the node in question won’t be able to build that.

What you can do instead is use Surface.Thicken on it and push through as a Direct Shape via @Dimitar_Venkov’s epic node called Springs.DirectShape.ByGeometry


Hi Sol_Amour,

A lot of thanks for your reply.
I knew this method, howeer, I was trying to avoid using this because once it is created in revit, the shape is filled with a lot of contours that makes the model to appear quite weird (see attached).
I don’t have any pattern activated, would you have any idea if it is possible to disable these contours?
Many thanks.

Would you be able to upload the Revit File/Script here? (Totally cool to just have the wall in question if NDA is important). I can then have a look and see what I can do :slight_smile:

Also, as an addendum question. Is the wall profile consistent (The slope) ? If so, you can put a Reference Plane in Revit and simply attach an Arc Wall to it.

Hi @solamour,

Again, thank you for your response.
Please see attached link with the Revit file (too big to be uploaded here), let me know if you also need the dynamo file.
When it comes to the slope, all the model needs to be as much parametric as possible so the slope does not have to be uniform. Anyway, thank for the idea, I will use it in case there is no way to quit the annoying lines.
Note. The walls are created as a generic model instead of walls just in case any option needs to be selected, the rest of the walls will not be affected (the options are the same with all the categories).
Thank you

Hello Coy,

My solution does appear to work, however it may require you re-building your curves. I’ve attached my graph to here for you to have a play with :slight_smile:

In essence, I created an Arc by tracing your wall (Thanks for sending that on!) and then approximated the rest of your design (Using Elevational information) to build a rig in Dynamo to push back to Revit as a Wall.

It results in the following:

This simply uses a singular arc from inside of Revit.

dynamoForumQuery_Coy_ArcWall.dyn (16.8 KB)