Create Walls by Model Lines along EXTERIOR location line

Hi all!

I am trying to optimise my workflow through some simple script to learn Dynamo. Ive written the below to generate external walls from curves which works fine except it generates the walls along the centerline of the wall type. Any suggestions on how to modify the this? I would like the exterior face of the walls to generate along the curve.

Theres the Wall Location node but I am not sure how it can be implemented!

Hi @tuireann.oneill,

You could use Wall.ByCurveAndLocation from WombatDynamo package.
There is an option for the location line.

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Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner!

That has almost got me there, I had to add the Element.Curves node to get it to run. It created the walls on the lines but on the wrong side of the line. All the exterior faces are on the wrong side of the line…hmmm so close!

Also its created these blue lined regions which I cannot select or erase. Even after closing dynamo. Any idea?

Also, could you explain the 2nd code block? I am unsure of its purpose…

You’re right the element.curves is of course necessary.
If you use the flip option, the walls will be probably on the other side of the lines.
I know there is a small glitch with the height input. I don’t know what does 92902.8 refer to as unit but it seems to work (in metric units)

The blue lines are a preview of dynamo geometry. They should disappear when you close dynamo or the revit document.

A combination of the string “Interior” instead of “Exterior” in the codeblock and flip option on false give walls on the right side of the line.


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Ah I think we have gotten there! I didnt work for me on Interior so I swapped to EXTERIOR with the false bool and it worked fine. Cant say I 100% understand it but its working so I can live with that

Thanks for your help on that!

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Hello @Alban_de_Chasteigner, it looks very interesting but I don’t understand why the height value is divided before by the number 92902.8.

If the input is a number double, I read the Warning: Wall.ByCurveAndLocation operation failed.
The given value for height must be greater than 0 and no more than 30000 feet.
Parameter name: height


I’ m not the maker of the WallByCurveAndLocation.
As written above :

I know there is a small glitch with the height input. I don’t know what does 92902.8 refer to as unit but it seems to work (in metric units)

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Please don’t hijack topics that are unrelated with your subject.
Use one of the SetLocation nodes to modify the location of your curtain wall and create a new topic if you’re having trouble.

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tought it would be useful for him as well to know how to make it work with curtain walls as well… not that much of a difference lol dont think it is completly offtopic jesus