Wall Openings node from Universo_BIM package

Hi there,

I’m trying to create wall openings for ducts, pipes, etc.

I’m not sure if I did sth worng or the wall opening node is not working properly.

Two problems: The center of the opening is not correct and dimensions neither.

The node is from Universo_BIM package


Try with this…is a little bit tricky but at the end everything is grouped by wall and I suggest you to use family instance by point to place the void reservation as a solid in the correct place. In this way you can clash not only with rectangular elements but also with round shape. From this you can create your Building works drawings.

The file
Home.dyn (11.6 KB)

Grazie mille Cesare,

I’m gonna try your script.

Thks again

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Hi, I’m newbie with Dynamo and Python scripting. I’ve started few days ago.
Could you tell me if file you’ve published “Home.dyn” is enough for creating openings?

For me from what i got as a result it all looks that I need to create a void family, parameterize it and with option of offset somehow connect with this script.

Let me know if I got it right, pleeease.