Wall Openings with Dynamo

Please help me, I am trying to create wall opening in Revit with Dynamo for MEP services
but get this Error every time.

I have also added it to Dynamo player but same error.

Expects argument type(s), but was called with Error.


I can’t read you’re nodes.
Please zoom in and use “Export Workspace as Image”


No problem, thanks for responding. Is this better?

The good workflow is to divide cutting openings by two stages:

  1. Generate opening family instances.
  2. Cut openings

this error is typically caused by null values in the list. clean it with a bool mask or a node. I have found the nodes to be unreliable, i just use a bool mask.

Thank you for your response, I am new to Dynamo. Do you mind showing me what you mean?

Ok great, where would I insert the Boolean Mask? Sorry if stupid question, Im still new to Dynamo

download the September 2020 version of BIMORPHNODES and your problem will be solved