Wall node for mulitple levels

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I was wondering if any of the revit wall nodes have the ability to create separate walls at each level. Say you have 20 floors, can the node accept a list of floor levels and heights? (The node accepts a list of curves to define the wall (in plan) so i’m unsure why i cannot get it to work for levels and heights.)

I tried this but was not successful. (creating separate walls at each level is the requirement so if anyone can help i would be truly grateful)




Hi Hanlon,

File: Walls.dyn

20160504-2 20160504-2b

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This is magic! Thanks a lot for looking into this. Awesome!


One other issue i ran into. If we have floor levels defined and the floor to floor heights are not all uniform can we use the wall by level node. I see it needs a start level and end level. I assumed i could add a “list” of start levels and a “list” of end levels. I dropped the last item from the list for the start levels and the first item from the list for end levels.
This did not work. Any feedback on this would be great.

Hold the phone.
This worked! So yes, the wall using levels works when using the method I described above.

I do have a follow up question though. How do you prevent the wall node from generating the wall geometry mulitple times which leads to walls in the same position.

The walls aren’t generated multiple times when changes are made in the same session.
This happens when you reopen Dynamo. Dynamo doesn’t recognize the walls created in the earlier session.
The only solution, at present, is to delete the affected walls in the Revit file before running the Dynamo definition.
However, this doesn’t only concern walls and you’ll find few other posts with opinions on the issue.

This was extremely useful.
Thank you .

The link here seems to be broken, do you mind replacing? Thanks in advance!