Create walls with heights, levels and curves of the rooms

Hello Community!
I need to create walls in multi- storey building using rooms’ curves, heights (volume/area), levels and one type of the wall.
I am using Lunchbox Room Element Collector to create inputs to the node Wall.ByCurveAndHeight
this node is limited in such a way, that Curve inputs every instance of the wall, while “height”, “level” and “wall type” are category inputs, and can be only 1 value per node.
I worked out the solution ( see script attached called home2.dyn), but now Dynamo does not allow me to channel element to neither of Element.level or Room.level.
Please, suggest if there any simple step that I am missing
Thank you!

full node sequence:

problematic node:

Hello, you could try other ways to get room’s level and other parameter, for instance:

Yna, thank you for prompt reply; I did restart Dynamo couple of (dozens :)) times, and finally the ELEMENT.LEVEL did work. I was able to produce all the walls, grouped by room properties ( i.e. height of each room and level of each room)
Thank you!

Can you share your dynamo file? Thanks @erlich.denis