Wall material break down and Area


Im looking for away that you are able to get all the materials associated to a wall and then from that all the individual properties that go with that.

e.g an external wall may be 3m tall however the internal plaster on the wall might not be as there would be a ceilling joining the wall so it might be 2.5m tall on the internal, is there a way to export the internal and external areas based on floors and ceilings?


Hope i have explained this clearly…



G’day Tom,


I’ve had a little muck around with your problem and think I might have a quick solution. It’s a bit scrappy but if it’s along the lines of what you are after, I will clean up and add more functionality.


I’ve put it all in a node on the package manager, you can find it under “Find Wall Material Areas”.


It’s not based on any floors or ceilings but rather the materials associated with the wall elements.


Let me know what you think and whether it does what you’re after.




Jeremy this looks bob on!! thank you.


there are a couple of things the first is it seems to be duplicating information on the same wall. E.g if your building has 4 walls it will duplicate the information that relates to each wall 4 times

Issue 1

the second is how easy is it to choose the units as an out put e.g. Meters rather than Feet?





further to the previous post the dupliction only hapens when you have walls of the same type

Hey Tom.


hmmm, i’ll have a look at that tomorrow and update it, shouldn’t be difficult to fix. You’re welcome to experiment with the python yourself if you’re in a rush, sounds like it’s looping through elements of the same type too many times.

The feets to meters is easy, you could just make a code block which takes the feet squared as an input and divides it by 10.764 which equates to meter squared. i’ll update that on the node too.


Let me know if there’s anything else.




Thanks for your help, its ok i will wait. im quite new to dynamo… think I need to get my head around dynamo before i start looking at pyton haha…



Problem with duplicates has been fixed and changed to square meters for you. There are several outputs now depending on how you need to use the node.

Let me know if it helps.



This is GREAT!!!

Is it possible to extract the Gross area as well as the Net Area?


How do you mean, the gross area of all instances of a material?



so it curently reads out the the ‘Area - the area of a window or door ect…’ which is great but, would it be posible to also have the area of the meaterials exluding any opening… even if it was simply Height and Length output then in Excel it can work it out the area…


Hope that helps ?

hmmm, i’m not quite sure I understand what you mean. At the moment it doesn’t account for any openings and takes the whole wall into account?

at the minute if i put a window in a wall it takes it into consideration when producing the area… would it be posible to have a second output that gives you the area of the wall not taking any windows etc… into consideration?


hope this is a bit more clear?