Wall Function

When i use the Element.Parameters on a wall i cannot find it’s Function. Anyone has an idea about how to get access to an element function?



It’s a type parameter so you need to access it via the wall type. Clockwork has some nodes for the wall type function, by the way…


Fair enough but i was looking to filter all wall based on they’re type. Using the Wall Types node i will have to create a ton of them. Is there an easy way to select all the types then pass that to the ClockWork WallType.Function?




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Using the same logic, if i plug the All Element of Types into the WallType.Function i get an empty list while the WallType.Name will return all the names.

List.map is magical :slight_smile: Shown below is clockwork method and OOB method





Quite interesting John, not sure why my List.Map is actually returning… nothing :slight_smile:



Here’s a simplified graph that accesses the wall types directly: