Clockwork - WallType.KindIsCurtainWall

I’m trying to make a list of all the curtain wall types i have in the project to set a parameter value to yes.

I’m using the WallType.KindIsCurtainWall node along with Categories(wall) - All Elements of Category. I have 2 walls in my project, a Curtain Wall and a Generic 200mm.

When i run the node, i get a false for both walls. I was under the impression that i should get a True and a false and from there sort the list, am i missing something?


Nevermind, i forgot to add the Element.Type node… I’m a moron :slight_smile:

Ok, as i keep going forward i hit another bump :slight_smile:

The node is returning me the values (true or false) so i use a Code block(a==b) then a List.FIlterByBoolMask to only sort the true values. That works fine. Now that i have those i want to set a parameter (IsCurtainWall) to yes but i end up with a Dereferecing a non-pointer



Ok i found out that i cannot write Type values using the Set.ParameterByName node. What’s the process to write Type parameters?

Another of those stupid moments where i didnt use a Boolean for the Yes/No… lesson learn :slight_smile: