Wall Foundation Type Parameters

Hey there Kris here, I just want to ask how did you get the type parameters of wall foundation in Revit. If I use the Wall foundation type it list all the type parameters of all loaded wall foundation. All I want is the type parameters of used not all of them.
BTW, I’m using 0.7.5 version.

Hi @Kris

Which Revit Version your using?

I’m using Revit 2016

I suggest you download latest dynamo version 1.2 from here http://dynamobim.org/download/. It has got more advance nodes that might help you.

I can’t do that because I need permission from the higher ups of the company, which takes a very long time and not to mention tons of reason why. Is there any way to filter the wall foundation?

PS: I’m a newbie in making dynamo scripts.

Alright let me see if i have the version 0.7.5 and provide you the possible workflow.

@Kris Try this dyn file For Kris.dyn (10.9 KB). I created this script with all the standard nodes used in 0.75. It will prompt you message hit continue. Hope it works for you.

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Thanks a lot.