How to update WallFoundation Parameter Type Width (Read Only Error)

Trying to create a dynamo script that will find the Wall Foundation and update their parameters from values pulled from a excel sheet. When I get to SetParameterByName I get a Read Only Error. As of now i am just testing it on the Width Parameter.


Two quick things:

  1. Your graph image needs to be re-uploaded as none of the node names are visible - zoom in so you can clear read a given node, and use the camera export (top right of the window) to export the entire canvas as a graph.

  2. How would you update this parameter manually in Revit? With something like this the steps in Dynamo are mostly the same, but with different methods of going though the steps.

Thank you for the tips. The second one got me brain storming and was able to get a step closer. I was using WallFoundation for my Element Type, when the correct one was WallFoundationType.