Can't get basic wall parameter from revit project in Dynamo

Hello there.

I have problem with dynamo and project file, I have a lot .rvt files to edit (about 900 files) and I’d like to make this fast with dynamo. I have worked befor with dynamo but only with family files (.rfa) but never with project files.

I have to change one parameter named URL in one wall in every file but I can’t get this parameter in any way, If I choose wall category it gives me an empty list.

My point is to select a folder with rvt files then make them open one by one and change URL parameter value to for example 1234 then save.

I will be very appreciate for any help

If you are looking for Type Parameters, use Elements.Type from archilab package

As Tradelie said - Type parameters are accessed a little differently so it is best to use the archilab node pictured below:


Thanks for help but still can’t get this working, there will be no posibility to select an element because I want this process to be fully automated, I mena there is more then 900 files and I cant open them one by one. Thats why I’m using node Document.BackgroundOpen and I’d like to make this macro to work like this: Opens rvt in background, changes URL parameter value and then close rvt file with save.

Hello @AZbo …could something here help…


Thanks @sovitek this made some progress, now I’m able to see my walls in dynamo but at the end I’m getting this kind of error
“Close is not allowed when there is any open sub-transaction, transaction or transatcion group”

also if you can pleasae check if I connected all nodes correctly

allright could your share your file graph ?

yes here is a full graph

Looks like you need file from directory…try this here…
testback.dyn (27.9 KB)

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Which package is directory content ??

Thank you much @sovitek your solution worked all the time but I had to restart Revit and dynamo, my bad :sweat_smile:

Thank you all one more time, you helped me a lot !

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