Creating wall finishes depending on wall type

I’m trying to create wall finishes.
So far the nodes from the Modelical-package work perfect for generating wall finish for an entire room using the wall finish parameter of said room.
In my dynamo I select the rooms from a schedule, rooms that don’t have the wall finish parameter filled in are just skipped.
WallFinishByRoomFromSchedule_2021.dyn (52.8 KB)

The base concept works just fine - excellent even.
But zooming in on specific projects and areas, it’s more complicated then just generating a single wall finish for one entire room.

For example:
One room has 3 different walls:

  • Wall type A doesn’t have a finish (blue)
  • Wall type B needs a thin plaster (green)
  • Wall type C needs a thick plaster (red)

In this case I have a walltype that doesn’t need a finish (needs to be skipped) and 2 other walls that need a different finish.

Since the custom node from Modelical contains python, I’d like to ask some experts first to see if something like this is even possible before diving into the python-blackhole myself…

I was thinking adding an extra parameter into the wall types where you can select the room finish, instead of using the wall finish parameter from the rooms. No idea how that translates into generating it for an entire room…

Adding an extra layer to the walls is not an option (for my office) since stability walls are drawn separately and the finishes need to be added in a later phase of the project.

I’ve had no progress so far, any suggestions anyone?

I suppose the finish walls have to follow base walls, not the room.
if so, get the faces from room, then match each faces to each base walls, then create finish walls by the rule that you already have(make one if not). On this flow, you don’t need any custom nodes or packages.