Wall Dimension - Extra Dimension


Could any of you smart fellows tell me how to adjust the graph so I don’t get the dimension overlapping the wall? also, I’m trying to get the thickness of the wall dimension as well.

Thank you!

Dim Walls.dyn (46.8 KB)

I am not 100% because I have been able to get my computer open and test, but I think it is because your getting two references per wall, and thus two dimensions.

Try removing one set of references and see if you get just one dim per wall.

I was able to remove one dimension. Now I’m working on removing the 0’-0" and adding the thickness of the walls.

I wish the python script from this post would work but so far, no luck.

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What errors are you getting with the Python version? Does it have to do with DisplayUnitType?

I’m not getting an error, it just doesn’t create the dimensions.

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