Wall by face

i want to put wall (triangular wall in this case )between roof and ground floor wall using wall.byface … Can anyone help me how to select this triangular face

That area isn’t a face - y would have to generate a mass, get the face from the mass, and then select that. Likely better off attaching the top of the wall to the roof in this case, a topic which I believe has a solution in the forums if you look around for it.

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hey jacob , i tried first to attach wall top to roof . thats very easy in revit but in dynamo i couldnt find anything to attach wall top to roof . Thats why as an alternative i want to do it by face

Sorry - had my commands backwards. The API doesn’t allow for attaching. Wall by profile may be your best bet as a result. It is in the Wombat package (and may not be 2.x compatible yet - I haven’t tested).