Wall by curve and location is not working from wombat package

i am getting this error, how to fix it?
i’m using metric unit for thi project.
since i need to set wall location i dont know if there is any other similar node for dynamo.


Something in that node is a bit weird, you need to devide your current value for Height by 92902.8
Nicked the picture from @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Thanks @m.rijsmus. now i got one more problem. Wall location is not working. I need finish face exerior but its taking only centreline

it fixed as i wrote “Exterior” haha


Hey! I tried inputting the x/92902.8 but it still shows me this error… any help? thanks!


You can use this custom node instead :

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Hmm actually if i set it as by exterior finish face, it is still using the curve to align with the center line

this is when i set location line as “finish face:exterior”

and this is when it’s set to Wall Centerline :frowning:
Do you any other suggestions? thank you so much!

In this case, you must use the Geometry.Translate node to offset the location line before creating the wall.

i see, thank you so much for your help!!

it not work . without any error.