Wall by Curve and Floor by Outline

Current builds of Dynamo have Wall and Floor creation nodes. However, the Revit API is a bit limited in the methods available with these nodes. You can create them, but you cannot modify them. This means that for most operations that you would do on them (moving them in most ways or adding/removing segments to floor outlines) Dynamo will delete and create new walls, which will in turn delete any hosted elements or annotations.


What do you think? Is it still worth having them as they are? Or is it dangerous to have them available in this way?

I agree with Julien - too dangerous for a real-world project.

And also from a modeling point of view it limits your options - basically you can't build/host anything on top of them until you're happy with where they're standing.

Hi Zach

is there a way to "bake" the first created walls? if not, deleting walls is for me an issue in a real project workflow.