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I’m new to dynamo and this might be a stupid question but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

I have a definition for making walls in Revit out of curves. Each time I select new curves and hit run it updates the new walls in revit deleting the previous ones.

Is there a way to avoid this?

A way I can sort of un-link the dynamo definition so each time I ran it it starts from scratch and creates new walls without deleting the previous ones?

Thanks a lot, any help would be apreciated

This is a tough nut to crack. All newly created elements in Revit are linked to the appropriate creation node inside Dynamo. The logic is that if you delete the node, or change the input, it automatically deletes the elements inside Revit so that you don’t get duplicated elements one on top of each other.
I don’t know of a solution, unfortunately but a temporary work-around would be the following:

1)Run your dynamo definition and create the elements.

2)Unhook the create walls node. That will most likely delete the walls in Revit.

  1. Go into the Revit UI and do an undo command ( ctrl+z )

4)select the next curve and repeat your definition

  1. rinse and repeat…

A much better alternative would be to select all the curves at once and create all the walls at the same time.



Hi Dimitar, just wanted to thank you for answering. It’s been over a year but things got in the way.


Hi, I used to use this workaround and it worked fine. However today (Feb 15th, 2017), when I use Dynamo (1.2) to do the same thing, this doesn’t work any more. I even tried to close Revit (Revit 2016) and detach the .rvt file, copy the .dyn file, Dynamo still “remember” the element created last time, so when I run it, it will create new one and delete the old element.

I’m wondering is this because Dynamo changed something in new version? or I have some settings wrong on my machine? Any thought?