VOTE for AU2021 Class Proposals (deadline May 12th)

Hey All,
AU2021 is all digital and free for all this year so be sure go vote for class proposals you want to see at AU this year. Below are some proposals that have caught my eye along with my own submission. Comment below if you come across any more or submit your own which may interest our Dynamo for Civil 3D community.


There is a new proposal to add to the list :slight_smile: :



Another new proposal:


here is mine:


That sounds awesome Paolo!

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Hope we’ll get to see just how evil Ganon really is:


“embodied carbon content of each dungeon” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I can neither confirm nor deny that there is debate around the island dungeon having a penalty for it’s bridge or not. Opinions welcome, but will be discarded if incorrectly stating the bridge doesn’t count.


Omg this is great! Haha


My proposal about post-tensioning structure:

I will demonstrate in both Dynamo and Grasshopper (Dynamo will be the major). I saw here is calling votes for Civil3D, but my examples will have bridge and a nuclear station projects.

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Here’s another:
Underground Utility GIS Features to Civil 3D Pipe Networks with Dynamo by Jae Kwon (@jae.kwon perhaps?) featuring creating pipe networks from imported GIS data using Dynamo.

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And another:
Dynamo for Civil 3D: Automated Checks of open-format Road Design made easy by Elisa Ambrassa (@elisa.ambrassa perhaps?) demonstrating importing xml files and using Dynamo to perform design checks and report generation.


One from a talented group I have worked with at Populous: 2 Weeks to 4 Hours: How Populous Built Efficiency with Generative Design | Autodesk University


I was just thinking about this topic! I was messing around with the object data functionality of the civil toolkit to generate labels in civil 3d from my utility GIS layers and was wondering about conversion to pipe networks! Thanks for sharing.

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Here’s another:
Automating a 3D As-Built Using Dynamo by Mark Jaffee, highlighting a case study that combines existing 2D as-built and 3D GPR data to create feature lines in Civil 3D.

Hello All,

Any updates on this topic, in session catalog i can see very few classes/session on Dynamo for Civil 3D and unable to find all the above sessions discussed, even after searching with Author or topic name.

am I missing something ?

The session catalog is accurate. :frowning:

Yeah the session list is a little smaller than I expected. Here are some related sessions that caught my eye:

Dynamo for Civil 3D: