VOTE for AU2022 Class Proposals (deadline April 25th)

Hey All,
AU2022 is back to in-person BUT is in New Orleans, not Las Vegas so keep that in mind. Now is our opportunity to vote for class proposals you want to see at AU this year (or if you’re lucky, recorded for later). Below are some proposals that have caught my eye and if you come across any more, or new ones, or submit your own, which may interest our Dynamo for Civil 3D community, please comment it below. All proposals are due by April 15th and community voting ends on April 25th.

Update 2022-03-28

Update 2022-03-30

Update 2022-04-08


Leveraging Civil 3D Properties Sets for Design and Collaboration Purposes, by @CADguy82 on demonstrating how to prepare property set data using Dynamo for an IFC export

Would love to see more dynamo in the asset management space!

Really crossing my fingers on this one!!!


One of the best themes!!!


@jacob.small can you pin this for a while?

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Pinned globally, and no longer in the ‘Civil 3D’ as the full set of proposals will be a good bit bigger than any one industry, and we should be learning Dynamo stuff across the boarders of our specialties.

I hope to have a parsed list to share at some point soon.

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Thanks Jacob.

True, and I did look at the full Dynamo list and looked for more general topics and that’s why I included John’s class; but, if you are still parsing it out still so members can find more Civil 3D oriented classes that’d be great. :+1:


Don’t forget to keep voting!


@jacob.small and I also submitted one on Getting all Stairry Eyed in Dynamo too :smiley:


I’ve just dropped this one:

Rhino Inside Revit for Revit addin development: Why devs SHOULD be using it

Go vote! I look forward to seeing everyone there :crossed_fingers:


Hi all,

I would like to add this interesting case study as well:

Why Dynamo is a game changer for design automation of quay wall structures


This is my proposal which aims to teach attendees a good formwork to build and maintain Dynamo graphs and the underlaying content (ie: packages). We’ll provide some insight from Autodesk support on the common issues found and their solutions (me), development expertise from the Dynamo team directly on node development issues (@Aaron_Tang), and from Autodesk consulting (Alvaro Luna who’s super incognito on the forum) on best practices when building graphs used by not one or two users but entire companies with global footprints.


Design for Change: Revit Curtain Walls, Panels and Dynamo

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