Voronoi not intersecting with surface

I’m not able to figure out what mistake i m doing whenever i try to intersect my voronoi and mass it gives me error

dyanmo file : vor surface.dyn (8.1 KB)

mass :vor mass.rfa (452 KB)

Can you please look into this file and tell me whats wrong ?
Whenever i use same dyanmo formula on simple curved surface. it works but when i apply it on my mass it shows error!
Is it because my mass have both curved and straight surface ? I’m posting it again since im trying it to make this from last 3 weeks !

Looks like you have a lot of trimmed surfaces which is causing part of the issue, causing many of the lines from he Voronoi node to occur outside of the face.

It looks like you are also having some issues with the curve.pull onto surface node. There are several options for this - Curve.PullOntoSurface, Curve.Project, and Surface.ProjectInputOnto.

Looking into the options, it appears that Surface.ProjectInputOnto is the best method here. Look into the results carefully though.


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voronoi cells are complete but problem still remains!! is there any way possible to do this on current dyanmo version?.

Disable the geometry preview for the nodes up until flatten.

I’ve achived this with nodes you specified but my ultimate goal is to achive this form

I’m trying to achieve this following node

but whenever i hit the run command my laptop freezes, what should i do to achieve this ?

4 things come to mind:

  1. Bring more power and ditch the laptop for a more powerful system.

  2. Simplify the calculations.

  3. Reduce the data set.

  4. Remove Revit from the equation, which will reduce the complexity and free up resources, and run the graph on the web.