Visualize clash into revit with Dynamo issue


I have try to make the Dynamo script as show in the video in this link.

But I can simply not get it to work, it comes with a error in “String.ToNumber” where I can see it can not run “task no. 0, 4 and 8” It where it has to put a value in my Revit family “Clash name, Mark and Status”.

I can send my script if someone would find the time to help me out.

It is my first script I have made in Dynamo, so it’s probably just a minor startup error.

Hi @troelsbisbjerg1474

May be the author @Cesare_Caoduro3 of the script can put light on this or share the script.

Hi, try with these…
ImportTemplate.xlsx (10.7 KB)
clashSpheres.dyn (110.1 KB)
clashSphere.rfa (308 KB)


Hi Cesare,

Thanks for script, it all most worked.

But it comes with a error when I run the script, and I think it if because of the coordinates in the project.
I have tired to make a new project, where “Project Base Point” not have being changed, and it works perfect.

If I want it to work in my project where “Project Base Point” have been changed, want will you recommend me to do? Can I correct then coordinates in the script or should I do it in the Navisworks file?

Kind regards

Troels Bisbjerg

@troelsbisbjerg1474 Change Geometry Working Range under Settings. To know more about Geometry Range click here

You have to read the project base point and normalize your coordinates from
geo coordinates to local coordinates.
You can do it easily just placing a formula and removing the value of east
from x and north from y. You can use a code block to solve it.

Hi @Cesare_Caoduro3, apologies for digging up graves.

thanks for the script its going to be very helpful.

I am sitting witht he coordinates issue though. My project is using shared coordinates and it doesn’t place the sphere in the correct position. You mentioning something about normalizing your coordinates from geo to local.

How would you do that? I am not too clued up when it comes creating code blocks.


Hope it is not too late…to normalize coordinates you can read the project base point using the library node and basically remove that value from each of yours x,y coordinates.

something like:
project base point(x0, y0)
element locations: list[x,y]

final location = list[x-x0, y-y0]

Hope this clarify the issue :slight_smile:

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@Cesare_Caoduro3 thanks for getting back to me and it wasnt too late.

Will be trying it out in the next few days.

Thanks again.


Would you be able to show me a graph example on how to do this?


Have you seen this?

I hope it helps

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Hi, did you get the scrip to work?

Hi everyone. I used the script shared by @Cesare_Caoduro3 (thanks a lot by the way) and I don’t have a problem in the first run. But when I tred to add a different clash report with the same or different family , the last spheres that I add previously were removed. It would be wonderful if someone can bring me his opinion about how to solve this.
Thanks a lot