I would like to know why the graphical rendering in Dynamo looks so bad lately. It’s strange because a while ago it looked fine. Could it be that the project is in stratospheric coordinates and if so, is there any way to improve it?
Thank you very much in a dvance.

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Yes, this happens when the geometry is very far away from the origin (common for infrastructure projects). What version of Civil 3D + Dynamo are you using? It got a bit better with C3D 2022 and the updates to Dynamo Core.


What you can do to improve rendering is send your geometry (in the dynamo space) close to the origin using geometry translate and a vector to the origin. You can continue your work here and then send it back to the real position using the vector’s inverse before getting things back to Civil

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Gracias , si, es una buena solución…

ok... yes, I am working with 2.10.1, but this problem is still present. I hope that in the future they improve it, as you say it is very usual infrastructure engineering. Thank you.