Visitor and resident parking stalls

Hi there,
I’m trying to make a script in order to differentiate between resident parking and visitor parking, I already managed to develop the script to name the parking by spline line in revit but I tried to differentiate by visitors and residents but I have not succeeded, I have tried to use a few items of the list I already made to name it as visitor parking and then I think the script might work but it did not,

Any Ideas?

Thank you very much

Can you post an image of your graph, created using the export as image function?

Zoom in so you can read node names and previewed outputs where you are getting stuck and the nodes leading into the problematic nodes, and click on the camera in the upper right corner of the workspace. Don’t worry about making all nodes fit - this tool will export an image at the current zoom level for the entire workspace.

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Hello Jacob!

Thanks for your help!
I first try to enumerate the parking stalls and I made, after several tries, (thats the picture named "capture beginning 1" then I thought , well I would like to know which of the parking stalls are from visitor and which of the parking stalls are from residents, therefore I conclude I had to make a List from a List; What I wanted is that the first 319 list items were named parking resident stalls (P resident-) and the rest (320 to 331) were named parking visitor stalls. Thats what I tried in the “capture 1.1.”, I thought I have to go to the creation list because it was the initial and creation point but I did not work. Later I thought It`s better if I creat the list of the list, from the modificated list (capture 1.2.) but it also did not work, In both options I tried, The script ran but it did not work in revit

Ps. I am sorry if my message is not written in perfect and neat English I learned English by myself and it`s not the best as a native speaker would write it

Thanks for your attention and time

Greetings Archinner.savy

I think I`m finding the solution, what I created a list of lists to differentiate the lists of resident and visitors but I have to get the same index in the visitors lists , therefore I think I need the list of visitor with the same original index of the matrix list
Any Ideas?

Thanks for your time