Renumber parking stalls not working after revit update

Hello, I came across issue with parking script. It worked normally in Revit 2019 (dynamo 1.3.3.something) and stopped working after i had to update to latest revit (with dynamo It seems like its not properly loading curve intersecting parking stalls.

Sorry to bother you, I am new with dynamo and have problems to find solution on this.

Thanks in advance for any hits or solution to my problem.

It’s ancient version of Dynamo and you should abandon it as soon as possible. Revit 2019 as wel. The reason is that it will never get updated, so the stability and performance will never be improved, and naturally all the bug are there to stay. Get Revit 2020 and the latest dynamo comes with a Revit patch 2020.2 and develop for that. If you can’t then, Revit 2019 with Dynamo 2.0.3 should suffice.

Thank you for advice. I will try Dynamo 2.0.3 (since i need revit 2019) and I’ll let you know how it turned out.

Was the graph working on this same exact model with this exact setup/selection before the upgrade? A new point build shouldn’t affect a graph this much.

I would first recommend using list levels instead of List.Map. List.Map is basically obsolete at this point and harder to troubleshoot in my opinion. Using and understanding list levels will make a huge difference in the efficiency of your graphs.

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It doesnt work in Dynamo 2.0.3 either

I didnt changed anything … its exact same script which worked in 1.3.3 and on next day (with dynamo 1.3.4) it stopped working

Barbora, in a very few situation, I run into problem that some nodes stop working. They don’t show errors, just don’t produce the correct output. What you can try is the following. Select everything and copy it then create a new script (first set it to Manual) and past everything in there, save it and run it. Maybe it will help.

Also you use node Categories. Avoid that at all cost. Here’s a video explaining why and how to solve this issue