"Renumber Parking stalls by spline.dyn" won't work in dynamo core (Revit 2020)

Hello all,

Script resource : https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/learn-explore/caas/screencast/Main/Details/f8e9b3ac-8b34-4f00-bf4a-39a4cccf284e.html

I’m new in dynamo and would like to use the above script. It works in revit 2017-2019 DYN core up to 2.0 but not in revit 2020 DYN core 2.1. I would like to check what’s wrong, but no notification after running the script (I’ve rechecked and I confirm).

What can one do? Delete DYN 2.1 & go back to DYN 2.0?

Any ideas & suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot :wink:

Are you running it in Dynamo or Dynamo player? Try running it in Dynamo and post what the graph looks like with outputs shown. We need more information than just saying the graph doesn’t work anymore.

Hi Kennyb6,
Thanks for your quick reply. Alright, sorry for not being demonstrative :wink:
I run it in dynamo and here is view from dynamo :

A good way to take a picture is to zoom in until the node’s names and inputs are readable, then click the camera icon in the upper right. It will take a readable picture of the entire graph. Also, it might help to show outputs. You can hover over a node and when its outputs are displayed, you can click the thumbnail to make them stay.

Ok, here they are :


3rd part

in fact, the script can be downloaded at the end of the webpage :


I can’t tell as I don’t speak the language (French?) your Dynamo is using, but I would guess that the categories need to be set to the correct version for 2020. Shouldn’t be an issue in 2021 and on. This is a function of how Revit handles categories being added every release which Dynamo has had to work around, not the other way around.

Try adjusting the category drop downs and let us know if that sorts things out for you.

Thanks for your remarque JacobSmall.
I’ll look into it and come back soon.

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just some feedbacks.

As we can neither delete nor install any version other than the integrated dynamo in revit 2020, I came back to revit 2019 and have installed the version dynamo 2.0, but the script still doesn’t work… and still without any warning.

In fact, being new I’m a bit lost in this script when trying to analyse it… can someone explain me the basic principle behind the script? May be I can find out myself what’s wrong by your helps…

Thanks in advance


What is the category in the 2020 graph which I noted may be the root cause above?

Share a project and your current graph as it stands for review. Otherwise we’re all guessing (even you).

Hi JacobSmall,

Thanks for your questions - you are right, the category should be set to parking.
Futhermore, I’ve have relooked into it and finally there is a warning as shown in attached image. Apparently the component Element.setparameter.ByName.

Any suggestions? The warning didn’t advice what component to replace.

How can I know which component to replace?


What does the error message say?

Hi JacobSmall,

as shown in the screen shot on RHS, the error says : translated approx. in English = Element.setparameterByname fails to function; no parameter corresponds to this name

I don’t know if this parameter has been replaced by another or be removed. No advice given.


Le ven. 18 oct. 2019 à 01:54, JacobSmall via Dynamo dynamobim@discoursemail.com a écrit :

I don’t either, but you could check one of the elements to find out what options you have, either in the Revit UI or with an Element.Parameters node.

ok, I try :wink: Come back soon

The Element.setparameterByname node exists but the output is null… I don’t have enough knowledge to check and analyse the script… any ideas?