Views.CreateCallout. Create a callout of a non-rectangular room

I am trying to create a callout of a non-rectangular room. I know that the node Views.CreateCallout only accepts a rectangle as an input. Has anyone figured this out? Is there a better way to create a callout?

Here it is what I have so far:

Thank you in advance.

I didn’t think this would work. What I tried was creating a callout with a generic rectangle, then I take the boundary of the room and set the crop region of the newly created callout to match the room boundary, in your case you still want to scale the curves to go past the room if need be.

Hope this helps!


@patrick_podeyn Thank you very very much!. I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time.
By any chance do you know why the callout “tag” is being placed far away from the room? ( I can create another thread if necessary, but maybe there is a simple solution)

Again, thank you very much for your time!

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It’ll be because we create the callout at a 0,0,0 origin. You’ll need to see how you can extract a rectangular bounding box around the room. That might not be difficult as you can probably use a point in the room like where the tag is placed as your origin for your rectangle, then the callout head won’t be placed as far away.

Happy Coding!

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Thank you very much!! @patrick_podeyn
Have a wonderful day

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You as well!

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Okay, I had some time, and I started working on this workflow to get create the rectangle around a bounding box of the room. When we do not have a rectangular or square shape, the bounding box is created taking the greatest extents of the geometry. This workflow, though a lot more involved, will place your call out head closer to the room picked vs the previous method of it being at 0,0,0.
Hope this helps further!


Thank you very much!
I ended up doing something similar to change the plane origin:

But I am pretty sure your method will give me better results!
Thank you very much for your time !!!

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You’re welcome!

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where can I get the node (views.createcallout) I was searched in archilab but couldn’t find it.

Hi, maybe it help package


@torrez.arq Very nice! One word of advice to help others looking at this thread. Try to utilize the monocle view extension to add text notes to identify what custom package a node is coming from and version.