Creating Multiple Callout Views Around Multiple Elements

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

For some context, I need to generate hold down bolt layouts and the manual task of drawing a callout around every HD bolt baseplate in projects can be tedious (especially with larger projects) - so I am trying to automate the creation of multiple callout views with the extents of the view as a rectangle around the baseplate.

I have read the related arctile below and it didn’t seem to stop my errors.

My workflow essentially selects all family types of the baseplate family, gets the element location, creates a rectangle of user defined (total) length, feeds the list of points into rectangle by corner points, then all information in Views.CreateCallout

What confuses me a bit more, is there is an error message on the points but dynamo seems to make the rectangle

Can someone please help me identify where I am going wrong with this? I thought it might be the naming convention for the views making it have an error but when I added renaming the callout by Type Mark drawn from the baseplate itself there was the same error.

Please see sample Revit file and also the script attached
HD Bolt Callout File.rvt (3.5 MB)
HD Bolt Callouts.dyn (40.4 KB)

Try using a List.Clean node and a List.Flatten node after the Element.GetLocation+ node.