Hello everyone!

I’m trying to create View Filters.
Went through the Search Button for similar topic. Can’t find the same error.
I’m trying to create View Filters base on different layers of a linked CAD Drawing.
I want it to have a filter based on the element’s “Comments” parameter.

When I did this, it seems the Filters includes all other comments instead on individual ones.
Not sure how to put this into question. I’ll include the Screenshots and DYN file.

Can someone enlighten me?

[WIP] ViewFilter.dyn (63.8 KB)
tstttt.dwg (72.1 KB)

Side Note:
What I plan to do next is to add in filter to change the colour of the elements based on these Filter based on the Colour of the CAD Layer from the CAD Drawing.
Not sure where to start for this yet.
This only changes the colour in the specified View instead of creating a filter.

Thank you

hey @Potato you might want to take a look at this thread and see if you can get an idea.

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Hi there @jmark
I still dont get where I did wrong

Could it be that I have to add a List.Map to this?
If I used List.GetItemAtIndex, then key in from 0 to 28 , I’ll be able to create the filter one by one i guess?

i get what you’re trying to do, i’ll point you to another thread, please replicate it as much as you can. you’ll need to install the archi-lab package for this.

[WIP] ViewFilter 20230427.dyn (38.1 KB)

I’m getting Null because the parameterValue is not a single value but a whole list.
I am trying to get the Filter to create individual ones based on the list, then map them to their colour (Key)

I’m still stuck. D:

List.Map? LoopWhile?

[WIP] ViewFilter 20230428.dyn (52.6 KB)

I’m trying to make it cycle through from the first to the last of the dictionary
How can I do this?
Currently the most I can do is to type in from 0 to 29 so that I can make the filter one by one