Issue Creating View Filter (Filter by Part Material)

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I’m currently trying to leverage dynamo to create a bunch of view filters according to a set of rules, and apply them to a view template. This has been working just fine using the OOTB view filter nodes, except for in one instance:

When I try to create a view filter that filters parts by their material, I simply can’t get the view filter to create in the intended manner.

The Script:

SSO_Make Filters_V2.dyn (60.0 KB)

The issue:
In the image below, you’ll see I’m trying to create a view filter for parts that contains all parts whose “Material” parameter is equal to the list being fed in.

However when I execute the script and review the results in revit, the filter is unsuccesful as the material names are not populated within the filter (see below).

Interestingly enough the ‘Filter Name’, ‘Filter Category’, ‘Parameter Name’ and the ‘Rule Type’ inputs seem to have worked fine as these are populated within the view filter rule list. It is only the ‘Material Name’ column that is empty.

Due to this I thought I was feeding in the wrong input. As such I have tried feeding through the actual materials, and not just a string of their names - however this doesn’t work either.

Funnily enough when I change the ‘Rule Type’ to ‘contains’ as per the below:

All of the ‘Material Names’ are now populated within the filter rule list and it is the ‘Rule Type’ column that is empty:

I believe this is because there is no “contains” rule type for part materials:

but it seems very odd that i can’t get the material names to populate when using the ‘equals’ rule.

I have found a workaround, by adding a shared parameter to the project. This is an on/off parameter for parts category called “Show on SSO” - which i can then turn on or off depending on the part material name, and then use to create a different filter but I would like to get to the bottom of this and not use a workaround.

Has anyone come across this issue before? Seems like a peculiar scenario…any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can upload a sample file if required.

Thanks in advance.


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Here’s a link (containing a few further links)

Hopefully that’s of interest.


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