ViewFamilyTypes node issues


This is part of a graph that I have been using for a while now, until today it has never thrown me an error as such. Every instance of this node in my graph is behaving similar to the one in the image.


The View Type still exists in the project, but it is throwing me errors. We upgraded to Dynamo 2.0 last week, but it has not caused issues like this so far.

Is this a issue with my Dynamo, or a deeper issue with the package?

A temp fix I have done today has been to simply replace the node in the graph, but the issue comes back after I run the graph 2-3 times.


A topic with the same issue was created yesterday.

The answer was that you can use OOTB categories instead.


The link @Alban_de_Chasteigner posted summarizes it well. Essentially Dynamo 2.0 has a load of changes that are difficult for developers to implement with things like BILT right around the corner… Rhythm will not be fully compatible with Dynamo 2.0 until after BILT North America at the least.


Rhythm has been updated to add Dynamo 2.0.x support. Download version 2018.9.7.


Thanks @john_pierson!

Excited to download the update!

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