View Type node error

I’m having some trouble with the View Type node. It works great when I first load it. However, after I save, close and reopen my dyn file, it doesn’t work anymore. I get an error message along with additional outputs.

While troubleshooting, I found that if I replace it with a fresh view type node it will work again with only one output. I’m not sure if I should update the archi-lab package to solve the problem as I’m currently running Revit versions 2016-through 2018.

This issue is ultimately keeping me from being able to run it repeatedly in Dynamo Player within Revit. Any guidance from the community on how to prevent this error is greatly appreciated. By the way, this Dynamo Graph might be useful to anyone trying to automate crop boundary editing of interior elevations.


Override Interior Elevation Crop Boundaries Lineweight 2018.10.29.dyn (29.9 KB)

That is related to a difference between Dynamo 1.3.x and Dynamo 2.0.x.
There are a few other issues with this same thing. You need to update to the latest version of archilab for support.

Thanks for your suggestion. I couldnt get the archilab update to solve the problem. I went with Mandrill instead of the 2019 version because I don’t yet run Revit 2019 and still had the same trouble with the View Type node. Either way, I just tried replacing the View Type node with a code block node holding an “elevation” string value and now the graph is working repeatedly and in Dynamo Player as well.

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