View Type problems

I can’t apply a view type after creating/duplicating the view. I tried with other nodes, but nothing happens.

Try using a Transaction.End and then Transaction.Start nodes to commit the new views.

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Thanks for the reply @SeanP, I’m @Behling coworker.
Tried with the nodes you suggested, but it didn’t work (I’m not familiar with the Transaction nodes so please let me know if I made any mistake)

You only need to use the Transaction nodes one time, in line with the Element, not the values. Effectively these nodes make sure that newly created items are committed in the Revit DB, then proceed with making changes to them, and since Dynamo nodes always wait for all of the inputs to arrive, as long as the elements go through the rest of the graph will wait on them.

Hello @SeanP Thanks a lot for the answer! Sorry for taking a few days to respond. I noticed that I was testing these nodes before Ui (UI.MultipleInputForm ++). Testing after that node worked!