"View Type" Node Problem (archilab package 2018.13.13)

I’m making a graph designed to create sheets by plan views.
The first step is to collect the plan views (then filter them by some project parameter). That’s where I use the View Type node.
The problem: Whenever I shut down the graph file and then re-open or re-run it, an additional View Type output port appears on the node. The connector jumps down to bottom output and the node gives an error message.
So each use, I have to delete the node, recreate it, and reconnect it in order for the script to work.
Unfortunately, It’s not the first time I see this happening with nodes. Am I the only one?
I’m using dynamo 2.0.1 with Revit 2019.1

Thanks everyone!

This happens with nodes built for 1.3.3 but used in 2.0. Check for a more current package if one is available.

Great, thanks a lot. I’ll check.

Nope. No updates for the package.
In fact, it looks like Archilab stopped producing it all together.

Check this link, looks like another package or newer Revit may help.

Alright, problem solved. I found the new package (spelled “archi-lab.net”) and updated it.