View.Scale node error (Empty List)

Hi all.

I have a problem. I want to get parametricvalue such as 500.

I thought this two node should result the same value…

but the upper node(View.Scale) result “Empty List”

please help me…

strange it gives in my case both same value
try restart computer

Hi @Chan

Just use OOTB node if it works for you why bother yourself :slight_smile:


or update clockwork and arch-lab

the view.scale node contains the nodes turn into list

and those nodes gave me headaches :grinning:

Why Does that node belong to my package?

I do not believe so, but I recall some of your earlier stuff having those aforementioned ‘turn into list’ and ‘list or single item’ nodes.

Note that I believe many of the ‘early must haves’ had similar issues as Dynamo grew.

Thanks all!

I tried this another computer and it works well… but I found another problem…

When I set View Scale to “Custom”, Element.GetParameterValueByName result -1…

But When I set View scale to “1:100” or something else in the list, It works well.

I don’t know what is difference…

Hello Konrad @Konrad_K_Sobon .
A few months ago i had problems with some nodes (turn into list and ?) so i had to update
and after that oddly enough I had to install the packages in a certain order
first Archi-lab then Clockwork (or first clockwork and then Archi-lab) and after those the other packages.
Besides there was also a node (one from archi-lab) wich at this moment I can’t remember.
I think is was in januari this year.

@Chan First the answer is to use BuiltInParameter. The name of the parameter is VIEW_SCALE. You can get it like this:

@JacobSmall the answer to your statement is no, I never used Turn into List as that was 100% @Andreas_Dieckmann creation. True, there was some weirdness going on with my packages back in the days, as we were all figuring out what to do with Dynamo, but it should be pretty stable now, so just update to the latest. Also, I don’t think View.Scale is my node.

Ps. If you don’t want any dependencies on 3rd party packages just use Python:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

if isinstance(IN[0], list):
	views = IN[0]
	views = [IN[0]]

#Assign your output to the OUT variable.
OUT = [UnwrapElement(x).Scale for x in views]

Agreed about the increased stability - for both your work and others. I looked back at my notes and it appears it’s was an aggregator package (Bakery? Hard to read my scan) that utilized both your stuff, clockwork, and a few others.

Always love it when you pop in to solve something so elegantly - with only 8 lines of code no less. Thanks for the lesson as always!

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Thank you!! I really appreciate you !!