Empty List with Clockwork Element.Type node

So this was working (at least on Dynamo 0.7), but now all I get is an Empty List when I run the workflow. I looked to see if the node was deprecated or abandoned, but it doesn’t appear to be. Can anyone shed some light as to why this is no longer working? Thank you.

9-9-2015 3-10-39 PM

You may try reinstalling clockwork. You may have installed another package which has an older version of the return list or single value node. If you are only using it for walls, you can do element.name>wall type by name.

I also have an element.type node that uses only OOTB nodes in Rhythm but it is admittedly less robust and much clunkier than clockwork’s.

Thanks John, that did the trick. Thank you for explaining why it was failing as well, I appreciate that.

Rob K.

Well, I’m still having trouble with Clockwork not working unless I reinstall it. I have reinstalled Dynamo, deleted old versions and I’m still having the same issue whenever I use a Clockwork node. I see that Andy is working on a .8 version, which I am very grateful for. Maybe I should just be patient and see if the .8 version will resolve this issue.

Inside the clockwork nodes, if you edit returnlistorsinglevalue does it show a python script or an if node?

Hi John,

There are two If nodes inside the returnlistorsinglevalue node. Is that the one I should be using? There are no python scripts inside that node.


Rob K.

That one is incorrect. You need to uninstall clockwork, the old return list or single value, then reinstall clockwork.


This was an issue when some packages depend on an old version of the return list or single value node.

Thanks for your patience. I uninstalled the packages as you stated and then reinstalled Clockwork. All seems to be working fine now. Thank you very much.