How to flatten all list and some nodes result "Empty List or Nothing"

Hi all. I have some problem.

My goal is to get parameter value such as “150” (I noted this at attached photo as 1)

When i used “Get Built in Parameter”, I got the same value like “150”.

But it is in “List > List > 150…” so i tried to flatten and the result is “List>150”…

What i want to know is how to flatten all list and get just “150” such as when I use “GetParameterValueByName”

And another problem is that I don’t know why View.Scale result “empty List”…
And… When I connect “Get BipParameter Name” into “Element.GetParameterValuebyName” it result nothing…

I need your help…

use the node Output.Clean from the Rhythem package
item at index

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