View Revit Element in Dynamo

Hello everyone,

I am working with a graph that gets an element as Input for an Element.BoundingBox (trying to understand someone else’s graph actually). What i want to do is find the Center of the Bounding Box, so I can replace this element with another element (the first one coming from an AutoCAD File, the second one being a Revit Detail Component).

In order to understand what the graph is doing, i would like to see the element in Dynamo (as in the Background), so that i can also select the Points and see where they are (really just trying to learn and understand, thats why i want to see it).Is that possible?


Have you seen this?

I dont know if a boundingbox can be made from a 2d element tho

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yes i have, but thats not quite what i want… i just want to see the Elements i selected from revit in my Dynamo Background, so i can also select the Points and see where they are…

like Element.Geometry node ?

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i thought this would do it, but then i realized for some reason there’s no Background in Dynamo, i wonder why…

You can show an element in Dynamo with Element.Geometry Node.
If you don’t see anything in Dynamobackground it may be about Graphic Card or maybe Dynamo is crushed.

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this issue related to video card, software or hardware
try to update graphic card software
or reinstall dynamo, or different version of dynamo

Forcing Dynamo to use the dedicated graphics card could also help here.

Out of curiosity why not just preview it in Revit? Expand a preview bubble or place a watch node, then click on the green element ID and Revit will find a view and center the object.

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Simple question here:
Can Dynamo display geometry from detail items from a revit model, eg create a boundingbox from it.
Boundingbox is Dynamo thing not a Revit element?

The node says select model element, not Detail element

Can’t test, no Revit, sorry

Revit has bounding boxes (, so I think it will work. But as per usual it’s hard to know if anything will work without a full data set.

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