From boundingbox to element

Hii All,

So i have been working on this problem, but cant seem to fix it.
The situation is:
I have been looking for Elements inside a boundingbox, I found the elements inside the boundingbox.
Next i tried finding different boundingboxes with different elements, found those aswel with different elements.
here comes the problem:
i’m referring the points to a geometry. bounding box, if i want to change a parameter i need an element
so the Question is:
How do i get the element of the boundingbox self back, from a list of geometry.boundingbox?

Thank u in advance

here is a snippet of the code

I think a bounding box is just Dynamo proto geometry, not an actual revit entity, so it doesn’t have an Id.

Yes that is very true, de boundingbox originates from a scope box.
Thats why i have been trying 2 things:

  1. looking for a way to reverse code it from element to boundingbox and back from boundingbox to element.

  2. The scope has an ID, so what i have been trying is combining the element(with id) to the corresponding boundingbox.
    So i can compare that to a list wich has the element with ID

Both option without result.

Thank u anyway @Marcel_Rijsmus