Revit object into Dynamo 1.1.0

Hi, Im new to Dynamo. I´ve watched some youtube films about how to get started. Seems easy. My plan in the future is to build a fully automatic scaffold system for construction areas.

I have got the addin into revit and tried its features. I have played around in dynamo for some time with points and pormulas.

But I can´t link objects from Revit. Well I can link them and get out information about the objects. But I can´t see the objects in Dynamo, Why? I have the 3D background settings selected.

See the attatched image

Hi @Svenssonsss

If you want to see the geometry of the element in dynamo use element.geometry node.

As indicated by @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi you can use Element.Geometry
However, you cannot expect to obtain any geometry from abstract elements such as Levels (as in your screenshot)

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Looks like @Vikram_Subbaiah is Unstoppable here :grinning:
@Svenssonsss as an alternate solution if your looking to get geometry from levels you can use “Line.ByStartEndPoint”.