View Range set Top to Level Above instead of Assigned Level


Beeing quite new to all this i have a question.
I have seen GenLevel beeing used with SetLevelID to set the Top of a view to Assigned Level.
Is there a similar way to instead set the Top to Level Above through the API?

What i’m aiming for is to be able to edit the View Range of all my Views to have the Top set to Level Above and the offset to 0.

Not looking for a complete solution, just a hint in the correct direction :slight_smile:


I’d suggest using View Templates

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Brilliant! The answer was right in front of me all the time! I’m making a script to automatically put togehter a template with data from excel in regards to level, views, names an so on. I am already applying view templates to the views but was overthinking this using some special node…

Thanks! :grinning::+1: