Apply view templates to views created from levels

New here. I’d really appreciate some input as I’m quite stuck (and a noob).

I’m trying to create a bit of a routine for project setup. Once I C/M levels, I’d grab them, create plan views from them and apply view templates. And so on until all VTs have corresponding views for all levels.

Here’s how far I got.

I have one template in there as a sample, but we typically have 7-8 templates for just plan views, and just a few levels, typically. We work mostly horizontally, not vertically.

“List.RemovceItemAtIndex” is there in case we’d need to remove the default levels from our Revit template (we didn’t reuse when C/M-ing).

Thanks much in advance!

Pretty complex for a first workflow, but this is my typical take on it. If your company operates consistently then no doubt they will have standard view template names and related series naming conventions. This script is an example of searching for 4 specific view templates by name then using the first two letters + _ + level name to make a view with that name. We can use filtering to remove any views from creation that already exist by name and then finally create the view then set the name and template after.

Hope that helps. I wouldn’t say my solution is beginner friendly, but this isn’t a beginner friendly workflow once you involve templates/renaming I’d say.

make views by templates.dyn (80.0 KB)

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Gavin - thanks a bunch! I imagined a simpler implementation, but I’ve already done a couple of gigantic spagettis when trying to be building something that didn’t seem so complex at first glance.

Will need to digest this.

Yes, we do have view templates and naming conventions for everything, cause I wrote the standards! :slight_smile: It’s (only…) Dynamo that I’m a noob at.

Thanks again!

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