Create Views By Level From Excel

I am trying to create views on multiple levels by using an excel file with the level of each view specified in each row next to the view name. I’ve figured out a way to do it, but can’t figure out how to sort the views created in the correct order that lines up with the original excel order so I can rename them accordingly. Any suggestions?


If you create a ‘Dictionary’, with the Excel View Name as the key and the Excel Level Name as the value, you can then use the list of Revit View Names to retrieve the Excel Level Names in the correct order.

Then you can pass the retrieved list of Excel Level Names to a Level.ByName node to feed into the ‘Element.SetParameterByName’ value.

You will likely want a bit of bug-catching… It is likely that there is a view name which has changed, so I would output some watch nodes to check for issues.

Hopefully that helps,


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@Mark.Ackerley I was unaware of the level.byname node, so this fixed my problem. I didn’t use it in the exact way that you suggested, but I did get what I wanted. Thanks!

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