View Filter for linked IFC

Hello Community,

I managed so far to create filter thanks to the awesome nodes of Kukul, archilab for thinkparametric.
I also managed to have acces to all the elements and parameters of the ifc linked file thanks to a short python code.
What I still dont achieve is to create filter for the parameters that the ifc hat.
Why it is so? Any Ideas? if it is actually not possible, is there a way to control the linked ifc from revit properly?
Thanks in advance
Create Filter - Farbe02.dyn (36.5 KB)

Have you tried doing it manually in Revit? If you can’t do it in Revit you won’t be able to do it in Dynamo.

Hello Nick,

thanks for the reply,

yes, I tried manually but it didnt work, i thought, maybe with dynamo is possible… unfortunatelly not.
Why is there some parameters that are available for the filters and another that are not available? is there a reason for that?

thanks in advance

It’s just how Revit functions. Only certain parameter types can be filtered.