Filtering after parsing an IFC file

I saw two pictures in “” about “Read From IFC Node”, They show how to parse an IFC file and filter IFC name and Attribute Values. But I don’t know what is the node which connected IFCWALL to “List.FilterByBoolMask” node as shown in attached figures. Could u please tell me what this node is and how to filter the outputs, how to show each IFC name with all its ifc parameters and their value separately. For example it shows me the IFC parameters and their values for each wall of my Revit model. Thanks

It’s in Operators nodes. You will find it by typing “==” in the search field

If the resulting lists have the same length, you could create dictionaries

Thanx Yna for your response and help. I’ll try it


Another way to querying a IFC model is to link it into Revit and use something simuler to the script I used to transfore a IFC attribute value to Revit elements. se pic. below.