Hide IFC Element in a View

Hello everyone on the forum.

I’ve been trying to do a way to hide all elements of a category IFC Linked in my Revit.
In this case it would hide all “IfcOpeningElement” and “IfcSpaceType.INTERNAL” in my view model.



I’m basing myself on the following post:

however I’m not getting it, neither with the input fixed, nor selecting in the SelectModel and getting them all.
Does anyone know how to evolve this?

@renanemeyer ,

We managed that based on the Autodesk manual to have 2 Parameters:
IfcExporAs IfcOpeningElement.USERDEFINED
ObjectTypeOverride INTERNAL

So you can Catch the Parameters in a regualer Way

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Thanks for the answer.
in this case, I would not like to mess with the ifc import file (as mentioned first), but use it after imported by default.
I tried to understand in the import in the Python node that you did, but it didn’t work to develop.
I get a node that accesses the IfcExportAs to put after my:

i tried some stuff… actually i switched to a other software

Looking at the parameters available for an imported IFC element, and a native element… is there something which is filled out in the imported element 100% of the time that is never filled out in the native element?

If so you can utilize a parameter filter quite readily. This code repository will get you 90% of the way there, but you’ll want to use a HasValueFilterRule for the filter.